Ernest Koe


As CEO, Ernest is supremely focused on the customer’s goals and success. “I’d like to think that I have a decent range,” he says, “moving between the abstract and the concrete to communicate ideas.” He then puts those ideas into action. As for solving problems, Ernest can see patterns, analyze what’s going on and uncover […]

Steve Ritchie


With a degree in psychology, Steve began his career as an independent school History and English teacher. After some time in the classroom, it became clear that he preferred administrative systems to grading papers. So he joined the school’s IT group, and then the company that supplied their software. In 2007, Steve co-founded Proof with […]

Todd Geist


Todd likes the warm fuzzies that come from solving technical problems that help people do things they couldn’t do before. Hearing that a customer no longer needs to spend an entire weekend migrating databases because they’re now able to automate the process using something he built is the main reason he does what he does. […]

Krissy Ferris

Chief of Staff

Krissy is happiest when she’s working hard with friends to build lasting relationships, have fun, and create systems that make the world a better place. As Chief of Staff, she helps teams do more in less time by distilling complexity into actionable plans. Be careful if you tell her that something is impossible – it […]

Mike Lee

Director of Services

It all started in middle school for Mike. As a teacher there, he was tasked with building a system for grades and comments with FileMaker, which led to communing with other educators doing similar things. Before he knew it, he became an expert in providing customer support and speaking at FileMaker DevCon (now Claris Engage). […]

Angelo Luchi

Director of Infrastructure Operations

Generally, deep knowledge of computer servers and compassionate listening skills are not two things that go hand-in-hand – Angelo is the exception. He started hosting FileMaker Servers in 2003 to a handful of local clients, who, pleased with his skills and empathetic approach, recommended him to their friends. Eventually, what was once a small side […]

Dirk Reynolds

Director of Business Development

Dirk Reynolds grew up around computers. Both his parents were mainframe programmers from the ’60s onward and once personal computers hit the scene in the ’80s Dirk jumped in headfirst. Becoming an avid fan of FileMaker and the internet in the early ‘90s, Dirk started his own web and data firm. Professionally, Dirk is best […]

Martha Zink

Director of Experience

Always focused on understanding people – how they work, why they are the way they are, and how they see the world – Martha enjoys drawing out individual strengths: what makes people feel successful, great, and empowered. She believes we spend way too much time at work to be unhappy while we’re doing it – […]


Andy Chase

Sr. Software Engineer

Andy is the ultimate left brain/right brain combo. He fell in love with programming as a kid, then art and design in high school. But when the world wide web hit in 1995, he taught himself HTML, started designing websites, then large-scale templating tools, and finally came full-circle back to programming. As a Senior Software […]

Barbara Cooney

Sr. Software Engineer

“What can I learn next?” is a question Barbara frequently asks. As a history major in college, Barbara hadn’t even considered owning a computer, let alone a career working with software! That all changed when a friend introduced her to the MacPlus – Barbara’s been an Apple devotee ever since. Her career has taken her […]

Chris Corsi

Jr. Software Engineer

While Chris Corsi’s love for software started in high school, his interests shifted towards people-centered work and research after he was injured in a diving accident. He attended UNC, where he studied psychology, and eventually began working for a lab that studied incarceration and health. After a promotion, he inherited the lab’s system for collecting […]

Kyle Duval

Jr. Software Engineer

Kyle first fell in love with coding while working in technical support. He taught himself Javascript and web development, eventually decided to pursue a software career. A friend introduced him to FileMaker and the rest is history! 

Known for his skills in API integrations, complex system behavior, and troubleshooting, Kyle values communication, empathy, and respect […]

Olivia Fitzpatrick

Ops Associate

After earning her BFA studying 2D animation and Art History, Olivia decided to apply her creativity, strong attention to detail, and skills in design to collaborative efforts with others. As an Operations Associate at Proof+Geist, Olivia excels at finding ‘what’s missing’ in a particular situation, system, or project. Her team appreciates how easy she is […]

Jason Frey

Sr. Software Engineer

While working as a technology director for a private school, Jason was introduced to FileMaker and, over 20 years later, he still thinks of himself as a ‘FileMaker guy.’ Jason’s strength lies in his empathy and the knowledge that the road to success always requires collaboration; he believes that delivering the most impactful features and […]

Danielle Hieronimi

Support Engineer

Danielle’s path to this industry began with her strong interest in and passion for UX/UI, data analysis, and back-end development. Her subsequent discovery of FileMaker inspired her to hone her skills as a developer. Since joining Proof+Geist, Danielle has found a new passion in the educational technology sphere. With a deep appreciation for how important […]

Andrew Koller

Customer Success Associate

A degree in Philosophy and fascination with logic is what led Andrew to arrive at programming as the best combination of the two. As an intern at Proof, he cut his teeth on the QA process, sussing out the little things that could cause problems down the road. Now, as a Junior Systems Analyst, Andrew’s […]

Nathaniel Linzey

Marketing & Ops Associate

Nathaniel got his start in this industry studying 3D Animation, mainly focused on Rigging and small-scale script coding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he added Graphic Design and UX/UI to his skill set, a path he continues on today at Proof+Geist. Professionally, Nathaniel is known for his skills in Illustration, Images, and Design, as well as […]

Eric Luce

Sr. Software Engineer

Eric discovered FileMaker while working in Hollywood at a post-production facility, where they needed a way to keep track of their client’s tapes and print pixel-perfect labels for their outputs. That experience awoke his problem-solving/programming brain, after which he could never look back! Professionally, Eric is well-known within the FMBetter Forums community and has a […]

Chris Maddox

Jr. Infrastructure Engineer

Chris began his journey in infrastructure at a previous job, where he quickly came to enjoy it and soon decided to transition it into a career. He prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot/catch problems, as well as his strong eye for detail, and he has a knack for picking out potential flaws in project […]

Jesus Madrigal

Infrastructure Engineer

As a Junior Systems Engineer at Proof+Geist, Jesus enjoys the daily exposure he gets to new concepts and situations, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the foundations of the infrastructure Proof+Geist will depend upon for years to come. He is also enthusiastic about taking on new clients and providing support to existing customers. […]

Taylor McGuire

Sales & Project Coordinator

While she started her journey in education, first as a 6th grade ELA teacher and then as a Teacher and Content Leader, Taylor soon realized that her capabilities were outgrowing the classroom and began looking into Management and Coordination opportunities. As the Sales and Project Coordinator with Proof+Geist, Taylor shepherds projects through the entirety of […]

Brian Ouimette

Sr. Software Engineer

When Brian was injured on the job as a paramedic, the doctor who sponsored his paramedic license asked if he would be willing to test an application he had commissioned. Brian agreed – before long, he found himself taken under the wing of the seasoned developer leading the project, who tasked him with writing APIs, […]

Cade Sigfrinius

FileMaker Developer Apprentice

After previously being a part of the Local 49 International Union of Operating Engineers and working in jobs like maintenance tech, Cade decided that he ‘wanted something that didn’t beat [his] body up so much,’ and turned towards being a developer. Both Cade’s mother and sister work within the industry, with his mother having worked […]

Jack Tomei

Project Manager

Jack got his start working for a San Francisco start up, before moving to work for Amazon and Deloitte. Eventually, he found himself wanting to return to a smaller company environment where he could work more closely with people and so found his way to Proof+Geist. Jack prides himself on his ability to juggle multiple […]

Alondra Torres-Navarro

Jr. Software Engineer

Alondra Torres-Navarro’s interest in programming began in high school and was built upon during a Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, where she learned the basics and delved deeper into the world of development and code. She later worked as an IT consultant, where she jumped at the opportunity to develop custom applications using FileMaker. […]

Peter Vinogradov

Sr. Software Engineer

Peter’s path to this industry began in education. Teaching at an independent school that doesn’t give grades, he built a system to eliminate the repetitive parts student assessment. He’s been immersed, for the last two decades, in FileMaker development and consulting. Peter is known for encouraging clients to experiment and tinker with their own solutions, […]

Jennifer Vokoun

Project Manager

Jennifer’s arrival to this industry has been a long and winding road. Her background in design and her experience in management and education has made her a master of juggling multiple tasks and projects at once, while maintaining an eye for the finer details. As a designer, she has a strong creative curiosity, and a […]

Corn Walker

Sr. Software Architect

Curiosity drives Corn Walker. He became interested in Buddhism, practices Zen meditation and credits nonviolent communication with changing the way he sees the world and his approach to interacting with people. Let’s just say he can get along with anyone, in any situation. As Senior Software Engineer, he applies these philosophies to technology systems and […]

Heather Williams

Software Engineer

A former teacher and administrative assistant with a background in tech support, Heather is a woman-of-all-trades. She won’t rest until she gets to the root of a problem and resolves it — sans drama. She believes open and consistent communication and caring about the end result are keys to working with clients, and she’s a […]


Marcia Conner

Advisory Board Member

Marcia works with big-vision leaders and impact entrepreneurs who are ready to use their superpowers for good. She sidesteps traditional notions of engagement, best practices, and business-as-usual to connect, streamline, and energize entire ecosystems for rapid-phase change. Marcia translates her two decades of corporate experience into the credibility that executives demand. She has confronted and […]

Ric Merrifield

Strategic Advisor

Generally credited for creating the field of business architecture, including patents and a popular book, Ric Merrifield is known as the ‘Rethink Person;’ for the title of his book and also his ability to help people rethink problems and opportunities, and see solutions not previously considered. In work, Ric is most excited about helping people […]