Krissy Ferris

Krissy is happiest when she’s working hard with friends to build lasting relationships, have fun, and create systems that make the world a better place. As Chief of Staff, she helps teams do more in less time by distilling complexity into actionable plans. Be careful if you tell her that something is impossible – it will only motivate her to find a way to make it happen!

As a sociologist who’s also a software developer, Krissy is comfortable with both the technical and human aspects of design. She started her career in the healthcare world, where the toll that stress takes on the body was clearly evident. She believes that good software alleviates some of this burden and frees people up for what’s really important: being with those we love, thinking creatively, and ultimately, finding fulfillment. When she’s not solving problems at the keyboard, Krissy enjoys fixing up old houses, spending time in nature, and reading fiction with warm cups of tea.

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