Martha Zink

Always focused on understanding people – how they work, why they are the way they are, and how they see the world – Martha enjoys drawing out individual strengths: what makes people feel successful, great, and empowered. She believes we spend way too much time at work to be unhappy while we’re doing it – accordingly, she strives to make lives (and work) easier, helping people do what matters most to them.

A love for problem-solving and creative thinking drew Martha into the Claris platform – today, she loves teaching the platform to new users and developers. As CEO of PauseOnError, Martha loves bringing the Claris FileMaker community together in an intimate and unique space: an unconference/a think tank/an art project all in one.

To Martha, a great service provider is a trusted advisor – as such, her relationship with clients is paramount. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients to achieve their vision, offering empathy, sound advice, and inspiration along the way. Her favorite part of the process is strategizing: asking the right questions to refine the problem at hand and coming up with big-picture suggestions. In turn, Martha’s clients appreciate her honesty, insight, and how she always has their best interests in mind.

An extrovert at heart, Martha loves learning about people’s experiences and sharing memories with others at concerts, get-togethers, and sporting events. She is also an obsessed Peloton rider (#oneupmushroom) and an avid board game player. Give her some creative freedom, and she’ll go above and beyond to make any event – parties, celebrations, you name it – as special as possible. (It’ll be at the 11th hour, but it’ll happen!)

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