Steve Ritchie

With a degree in psychology, Steve began his career as an independent school History and English teacher. After some time in the classroom, it became clear that he preferred administrative systems to grading papers. So he joined the school’s IT group, and then the company that supplied their software. In 2007, Steve co-founded Proof with Ernest Koe. In addition to minding the operational side of the house, Steve is “a pretty good hole-filler,” plugging in where he is needed in the consulting, support, training, and keeping-the-ball-moving categories.

He’s committed to the humanity aspect, too, focusing on the “genius team” they’ve built and on the connections they make with clients, which he believes are two of Proof’s greatest assets. Steve is an environmentalist, a lover of alternative energy (and keeping the lights on at Proof), a semi-obsessed runner, and is into Americana music, “whatever that really is.” He also plays the ukulele and sings in a band. He loves craft beer and believes that Maine and New Hampshire have the best breweries anywhere.

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