Eric Luce

Eric discovered FileMaker while working in Hollywood at a post-production facility, where they needed a way to keep track of their client’s tapes and print pixel-perfect labels for their outputs. That experience awoke his problem-solving/programming brain, after which he could never look back!

Professionally, Eric is well-known within the FMBetter Forums community and has a strong understanding of web technology, especially how it can interact with platforms like FileMaker. For his clients, he excels at solving the problem of connecting their existing infrastructure together with external APIs. Watching these seemingly simple changes make such a big difference for some people is something Eric finds rewarding (and fun!). Never afraid to voice his never-ending flow of ideas, Eric loves how transformative his ideas can be, creating things that meaningfully impact people’s lives (or at least that make their job a little easier/fun!).

In his personal time, Eric loves spending time with his family, and attending 2 kinds of conventions: FileMaker and Board Games (he says most people are surprised to learn that, for some reason!).

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