Modern FileMaker Consulting and Web Development Services

We can extend, optimize, and support existing FileMaker solutions, as well as create new custom business applications.

Proof+Geist is a Claris Platinum Partner and a team of seasoned and certified expert FileMaker developers, designers, and architects. Whether you have an existing Claris FileMaker app that needs some love or an idea for your next great custom solution, we are here to help. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from large companies like Netflix and Apple to smaller, solo entrepreneurs. We are proud partners and trusted advisors to universities, manufacturers, field services businesses, non-profits, defense contractors, and just about everything else.

The Claris platform is a central organizing force for many of our projects. Its blend of unique features and power makes it a good fit for handling the complex, evolving needs of dynamic businesses facing unprecedented change.

Our mission and capabilities

Our mission is to help people and businesses soar by solving the right problems through consulting, infrastructure/hosting solutions, and digital tools. We:

  • Modernize legacy FileMaker systems
  • Design and build custom FileMaker solutions
  • Develop beautiful FileMaker-driven, web and mobile apps
  • Connect your apps to off-the-shelf software and cloud-based apps
  • Eat APIs and integrations for breakfast
  • Teach FileMaker solutions new tricks to operate at scale
  • Reimagine business processes on Claris Studio
  • Architect the perfect infrastructure for your FileMaker or web solutions
  • And much, much, more

We are facing a revolution

We are living through a time of enormous change and dislocation. The pandemic has accelerated profound transformations in how we work and think about work. Work, as we know it, is forever changed.

The organizing principle of work has shifted from workplace to workforce for the knowledge and services economy. The newest and best machines we use now live in the cloud–in networks. Modern work and workforces require new ways to create software and business; new ways to solve problems for people.

This is a revolution.

Modern FileMaker

At Proof+Geist, we believe that the Claris FileMaker platform offers a unique set of capabilities that address these challenges and opportunities. Modern FileMaker is a people-first philosophy. It is also a practice that imagines the Claris platform and FileMaker as critical components of a networked business operating system. Modern FileMaker is about cloud-native apps that work in concert with other systems at scale.

We call what we do and how we do it the Modern FileMaker Revolution. Learn more about the revolution.

Complete FileMaker consulting services

The Proof+Geist team can help you with any stage of your FileMaker application development, from start to finish. We are passionate about applying thoughtful design, robust system architecture, and straightforward project management processes. We are proud of our unparalleled, hard-earned experience from having seen hundreds of custom solutions of all shapes and sizes.

Custom web applications

We build custom web applications connected to Claris FileMaker using open source tools like Next.js and React. Now we can take your custom business apps and connect them to your external partners and customers. Extend the reach of your custom software around the world.


Claris FileMaker shines as an integration platform. We have built integrations into hundreds of SaaS applications and APIs using FileMaker scripting, the FileMaker Data API, and OData API. We can connect your custom FileMaker app to anything that has an API. Automate your other critical applications using FileMaker Pro.

A Trusted Claris Partner

As Claris Platinum Partners, we are trusted advisors for Claris and the community. Proof+Geist engineers worked with Claris to design and build the addons that shipped with FileMaker 19. Our team includes certified developers; we provide free and paid tools to share with the community.

Our team actively participates in community-based events, including PauseOnError and AutoEnter Live.