Jennifer Vokoun

Jennifer’s arrival to this industry has been a long and winding road. Her background in design and her experience in management and education has made her a master of juggling multiple tasks and projects at once, while maintaining an eye for the finer details. As a designer, she has a strong creative curiosity, and a process for problem-solving, and she is always eager to collaborate to solve problems. Jennifer’s main focus when it comes to working with clients is building relationships centered around trust, communication, and a commitment to achieving results. In return, her clients appreciate her organized and level headed approach to all manner of challenges (as well as her collection of hats).

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys painting, drawing, and collage. She often finds herself devouring 2 to 3 audiobooks a week. She is very passionate about solo travel, particularly the experience of wandering through (and getting lost in) Tuscany.

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