We believe we are different than any other technology company out there.

Here’s what else we believe.

People are the greatest assets of a company, a community, and our planet.

We like to work with companies who believe this, too — like-minded people with integrity and purpose — who want to make a real impact on the issues of our time, and maybe even change the world.

It’s not enough to automate the status quo.

Systems thinking means embracing the bigger picture, not the quick fix, even though the pace of business today makes it hard to pause, let alone plan for and transition to something new. Lasting transformation only happens when business systems are made better with workflow, integration, automation, apps, and people.

There can be no answers until the right questions are asked.

Before creating any solution or system, we listen — first to uncover and define the real need, often framing it in an entirely new way. Maybe the issues are different than you (or we) thought. Answers come from rigor and deep engagement.

Technology should free up space for people to think, solve, and create.

Even though we build and orchestrate technology systems, we don’t think technology should ever replace thought or constrain people. The way we see it, the human act of analyzing a process should inform a technology solution. Not the other way around.

All businesses are either becoming software companies or getting left behind.

As technology conversations turn from productivity and databases to a world where everything is connected, we believe that companies who shift their perception will remain relevant into the future. Instead of thinking of software as a thing that runs their business, it’s about viewing software as the thing that is that business.

We are one team.

There is really no such thing as a one-person job, so when it comes to reimagining technology for how your business works, we put our heads together with yours. Two decades in, we know that collaborating with our clients is key to solving any complex problem and is critical to your (and our) success.

Our approach is rooted in empathy.

Every client comes to the table with different circumstances and objectives and we love drawing on our understanding of complex systems — and our place in them — to put the exact pieces together. Because one size fits none, our role involves seeing things from others’ perspectives and zeroing in what will make the biggest difference for people now, and in the future.

There are sometimes no simple solutions.

Which is why we see inherent ambiguity as part of the process. We may not have started out with this belief, but doing so allows us to use lateral thinking to respond to challenges, evolve, and even discover new things.