Angelo Luchi

Generally, deep knowledge of computer servers and compassionate listening skills are not two things that go hand-in-hand – Angelo is the exception. He started hosting FileMaker Servers in 2003 to a handful of local clients, who, pleased with his skills and empathetic approach, recommended him to their friends. Eventually, what was once a small side gig became Angelo’s full-time job.

Since then, Angelo has worked with more than 17 data centers to bring hosting services with a friendly and approachable human side to customers around the world. His clients appreciate that he is always cool, level-headed, and willing to stand by their side until every concern is addressed. From his many years on the job, Angelo often thinks he’s seen it all, until some new scenario pops up – like that one time the physical rack his server machines were sitting on failed and they came crashing to the ground!

Angelo lives in New York state with his three rescue cats who enjoy using the keyboard and attending video calls just as much (if not more) than he does. He enjoys a range of interests and hobbies, including ghost hunting/stories, cryptozoology, Medieval history, and badminton. As a trained circus arts performer, when he’s not juggling tasks and tickets, you might find him juggling objects from around the house!

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