Ernest Koe

As CEO, Ernest is supremely focused on the customer’s goals and success. “I’d like to think that I have a decent range,” he says, “moving between the abstract and the concrete to communicate ideas.” He then puts those ideas into action. As for solving problems, Ernest can see patterns, analyze what’s going on and uncover opportunities to create systems and processes that are “enduring and special.” He likes to focus on projects that impact the greater social good.

Ernest was accepted to law school, but decided to start a tech company instead. He’s devoted to Proof, which he co-founded. He enjoys the challenges of creating teams, companies, and systems, and is happy to talk about it all day long, though his clients credit him with first and foremost being an excellent listener. Ernest has a wife, two kids, and two little white dogs, but draws the line at the picket fence. In his free time, he is either in the kitchen creating a meal, immersed in a book, or out on the streets documenting with his camera.

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