Chris Maddox

Chris began his journey in infrastructure at a previous job, where he quickly came to enjoy it and soon decided to transition it into a career. He prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot/catch problems, as well as his strong eye for detail, and he has a knack for picking out potential flaws in project plans. His dedication to his work and optimization means that he will keep working on something until he has it running as efficiently as possible.

Chris gets the most enjoyment out of finding slow processes and streamlining them, freeing up clients and staff so they can better transition to somewhere their time is more valuable.

Outside of work, Chris is passionate about larger world issues, such as the pandemic and climate change. His previous work at an environmental law firm also made him more aware of the problems with chemical regulation, and he very interested in teaching others about these topics.

In his free time, Chris enjoys working with tech, such as hosting servers for him and his friends and home automation. Recently, he has taken to training/testing local llm’s. Outside of tech, he does some gaming. He is particularly fond of flight simulation, with a shift to photography when he needs to get away from his desk for a bit.

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