Olivia ‘Liv’ Fitzpatrick

After earning her degree in 2D animation, Liv decided to apply her creativity, strong attention to detail, and skills in illustration and design to collaborative efforts with others. As an Operations and Marketing Associate at Proof+Geist, Liv excels at finding ‘what’s missing’ in a particular situation, system, or project. Her team appreciates how easy she is to communicate with and how passionate she is about the work she produces. Liv is most excited by bringing new (sometimes out-there) ideas into the world and exploring the possibilities such work has to offer. To Liv, a great collaborator is organized, creative, willing to think outside the box, and open to exploring all possibilities.

Outside of her role at Proof+Geist, Liv is passionate about Art History and the natural world. She also enjoys collecting oddities from nature, caring for her houseplants and pet bird, and writing/illustrating small stories.

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