Cade Sigfrinius

After previously being a part of the Local 49 International Union of Operating Engineers and working in jobs like maintenance tech, Cade decided that he ‘wanted something that didn’t beat [his] body up so much,’ and turned towards being a developer. Both Cade’s mother and sister work within the industry, with his mother having worked at Claris for multiple years.
Cade prides himself on his prioritization skills and his ability to listen, ask the right questions, and give valuable input when it comes to problem-solving. He is passionate about learning new skills and using them to bring a final product together; it is the ‘little victories’ along the way to a finished product that bring him the most excitement while working.
In his free time, Cade is an enjoyer of the outdoors, spending his time hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling. However, he also finds time to relax and listen to music or play games.

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