Todd Geist

Todd likes the warm fuzzies that come from solving technical problems that help people do things they couldn’t do before. Hearing that a customer no longer needs to spend an entire weekend migrating databases because they’re now able to automate the process using something he built is the main reason he does what he does.

Todd was a chemistry major who worked in biology labs solving the riddles of infectious disease and tumor growth when he stumbled into the world of software. Solving problems with code captured his imagination and hasn’t let go since. While Todd enjoys solving problems, it’s most worthwhile to him when he can share that solution with the world, so others can solve similar problems. This focus on knowledge sharing has led other developers to refer to Todd as “a pillar of the Claris FileMaker community.” He’s also known for building the JavaScript add-ons that Claris shipped with FileMaker19.

Outside of work, Todd is the cofounder of One Spark Academy a non-profit Learning Center, practices Zen Meditation, does his best to entertain his wife Lori and two dogs, and is something of a SciFi/Fantasy nut.

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