Chris Corsi

While Chris Corsi’s love for software started in high school, his interests shifted towards people-centered work and research after he was injured in a diving accident. He attended UNC, where he studied psychology, and eventually began working for a lab that studied incarceration and health. After a promotion, he inherited the lab’s system for collecting retention data, and all the problems it had – it was outdated, rigid, and had little data integrity. When he discovered FileMaker as a platform, Chris was hooked. He planned, developed, and deployed a database over the next two months that was custom-built for the lab’s needs. This helped Chris realize a passion for software development that allowed him to funnel his skills in planning, project management, and collaboration into a creative outlet that was deeply analytical and logic based. Pursuing this passion, Chris began picking up clients on the side and finished a software development boot camp in Durham, NC, expanding his skills and knowledge in software development, all the while building and creating in FileMaker.

Professionally, Chris is known for taking big ideas and turning them into solutions within a team and project environment. His well-rounded exposure to planning, development, teamwork, and client support lends itself to seeing a forest and identifying the trees. Chris loves to get into the weeds of it all – spending time debugging, working on a hard problem and helping others workshop a creative solution to a specific task. However, Chris finds the most ‘magic’ in seeing the small pieces come together as a solution and being able to track the arc of a project to its completion. Chris’ biggest strength is taking generalized requirements and producing robust, deeply thought-out technical solutions – and then adapting those solutions to additional requests as a system is more built out.

Outside of work, Chris is deeply passionate about mental health treatment and accessibility. Chris is an avid podcast listener, concert-goer, griller, and tinkerer. He loves to plan a meal amongst friends or discover a new restaurant. He is an adaptive sports and fitness enthusiast, and spends time at the gym, biking, and playing quad rugby with a team in Raleigh, NC. When it’s not too hot, Chris can be found on a local trail or body of water, and is always looking for a new place to take his off-road hand-cycle.

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