Nathaniel Linzey

Nathaniel got his start in this industry studying 3D Animation, mainly focused on Rigging and small-scale script coding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he added Graphic Design and UX/UI to his skill set, a path he continues on today at Proof+Geist.

Professionally, Nathaniel is known for his skills in Illustration, Images, and Design, as well as his knack for learning new skills quickly. He loves supporting clients who have plenty of ideas and know how to communicate them. Focused, organized, and realistic, Nathaniel is best at helping to bring his clients’ design/branding ideas, goals, and dreams to life.

In his personal time, Nathaniel is an avid reader. He is passionate about books and the importance of stories – a central focus of his college career. He constantly talks about and rereads his favorite books again and again. Many of his personal projects also revolve around books, book covers, and proofreading. Any avenue that can get him closer to excellent storytelling is one Nathaniel will pursue. He loves when his passions – writing, history, and Dungeons & Dragons – collide, allowing him to do research to back up a character or story that he’s writing for a game with a group of friends (and some dice).

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