Barbara Cooney

“What can I learn next?” is a question Barbara frequently asks. As a history major in college, Barbara hadn’t even considered owning a computer, let alone a career working with software! That all changed when a friend introduced her to the MacPlus – Barbara’s been an Apple devotee ever since. Her career has taken her through a variety of roles, from training manager to application specialist (before blue shirts were a thing), to corporate IT Systems Analyst, and eventually to FileMaker application development, where she’s made her home ever since.

Happy on both sides of the learning equation, Barbara enjoys both the continuous learning that a career in software demands and the joy of teaching and mentoring. Her clients appreciate how she welcomes challenges with an open mind and an empathetic approach, as well as her ability to communicate clearly, explain complex techniques, and collaboratively think through workflows. Contributing to the community is also important to Barbara – she’s been a moderator on FMForums since 2013 and is currently mentoring a junior FileMaker developer through the WITfm program.

Outside of work, Barbara loves landscape design and perennials, often finding inspiration by visiting historic sites with beautiful gardens. If not at a Gold Coast mansion, botanical garden, or art museum, she can be found spending time out on Long Island Sound in her boat with her husband and two daughters.

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