Alondra Torres-Navarro

Alondra Torres-Navarro’s interest in programming began in high school and was built upon during a Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, where she learned the basics and delved deeper into the world of development and code. She later worked as an IT consultant, where she jumped at the opportunity to develop custom applications using FileMaker. Since then, Alondra has contributed to several EDI projects and has found a passion for working on integrations in particular. Alondra is dedicated to good communication and flexibility, and uses her adaptability and patience to better understand her clients’ needs, expectations, and constraints. She has a knack for making workflows more efficient by leveraging integrations between services and enjoys developing technologies that help communities and organizations thrive. Outside of work, Alondra spends time practicing yoga, hiking with her dogs, and going to farmers markets. She and her husband are also avid fans of Formula 1 racing – their dogs are even named after teams: Alfie Romeo and Lotus!

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