Modern FileMaker

Technology is our tool, but people are our focus. We offer FileMaker consulting, hosting, and developer tools to automate workflows and help your team succeed.

Proof+Geist wins the Claris Innovation Excellence Award for Ottomatic


We’re here to improve your experience with technology. We align FileMaker and the Claris platform with your other systems to bring you modern software.

Problem Solving with the Claris Platform

Invested in FileMaker and the Claris platform? We are, too. We offer consulting, development, and hosting, focused on solving the right problems.

One Step Ahead with Technology

We keep up with modern technologies so we can build modern solutions. Some of our current favorites include Claris, NextAuth, NextJS, Vercel, and Tailwind UI.

Integration is Communication

What we love most is that the Claris platform plays well with other technologies. Gone are the days where FileMaker is the only player in the tech stack. We take a modern approach to your FileMaker solution.

New to FileMaker? Welcome!

You’re in for a treat. The Claris platform might just be the missing piece in your business’ technology puzzle. From integrating with existing software or creating customized workflows for users, we can help.

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Develop. Deploy. Done!

Managed FileMaker Cloud Hosting

With world-class infrastructure focused on speed, security, and flexibility, Ottomatic helps you develop, host, and deploy modern Claris FileMaker applications.


Unlimited data transfer

Multi-tier backup strategy

Dedicated External Firewall

Featured FileMaker Developer Tool

Ottomatic by Proof+Geist logo

1. Backs-up production version

2. Clones developer version

3. Transfer file to production server

4. Performs data migration

5. Opens migrated file

6. Done!

OttoFMS makes server management a dream. It gives you easier access to server features, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. OttoFMS opens the doors for easier implementation with webhooks, access to Server API, Google Groups integration, and more. Not only does OttoFMS supercharge the server, it also gives developer a new set of tools to create better, more seamless FileMaker solutions.

Practice Area Spotlight Education

K-12 and Higher Education schools are often riddled with multiple systems requiring similar data. We tie systems together to avoid manual and repetitive data entry. Looking to offer an intuitive experience and modern web portal for students and parents? That’s our specialty.


Student Information System


Enhanced Support

Recognized by Six Claris FileMaker Excelence Awards

As Claris Platinum Partners, we are trusted advisors for Claris. Our team includes certified developers and we provide both free and paid tools to share with the community. Our team plays an active role in community-based events, as well as programs and initiatives created by Claris.

Stay Connected

We love staying involved in the Claris developer community.

Stay Connected

We love staying involved in the Claris developer community.

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