Brian Ouimette

When Brian was injured on the job as a paramedic, the doctor who sponsored his paramedic license asked if he would be willing to test an application he had commissioned. Brian agreed – before long, he found himself taken under the wing of the seasoned developer leading the project, who tasked him with writing APIs, JSON, and generally helping build the integrations that connected this app.

From there, Brian continued to build his expertise – today, he is known as a powerhouse of API integration, JavaScript charting, web development, and building FileMaker processes in a dynamic way so that they scale and change effortlessly as the app does. He is one of the few who actually enjoys troubleshooting third-party integrations and libraries.

If he’s not at his desk, you might find Brian out in his Jeep with his two kids, exploring the beach, kayaking, hiking, or camping. He also solves problems in the real world with his 3D printer, whether it’s the faulty straps on his kayak rack or the “problem” that none of his household’s light switches are made of legos.

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