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We’re also thinkers, builders, artists, athletes, volunteers, photographers, gardeners, chefs, parents, farmers, utopian-seekers, and hard workers.

Ernest Koe


As CEO, Ernest is supremely focused on the customer's goals and success. "I'd like to think that I have a decent range," he says, "moving between the abstract and the concrete to communicate ideas." He then puts those ideas into action. As for solving problems, Ernest can see patterns, analyze what's going on and uncover opportunities to create systems and processes that are "enduring and special." He likes to focus on projects that impact the greater social good.

Ernest was accepted to law school, but decided to start a tech company instead. He's devoted to Proof, which he co-founded. He enjoys the challenges of creating teams, companies, and systems, and is happy to talk about it all day long, though his clients credit him with first and foremost being an excellent listener. Ernest has a wife, two kids, and two little white dogs, but draws the line at the picket fence. In his free time, he is either in the kitchen creating a meal, immersed in a book, or out on the streets documenting with his camera.

Todd Geist


Todd likes the warm fuzzies that come from solving technical problems that help people do things they couldn’t do before. Hearing that a customer no longer needs to spend an entire weekend migrating databases because they’re now able to automate the process using something he built is the main reason he does what he does.

Todd was a chemistry major who worked in biology labs solving the riddles of infectious disease and tumor growth when he stumbled into the world of software. Solving problems with code captured his imagination and hasn’t let go since. While Todd enjoys solving problems, it’s most worthwhile to him when he can share that solution with the world, so others can solve similar problems. This focus on knowledge sharing has led other developers to refer to Todd as "a pillar of the Claris FileMaker community." He’s also known for building the JavaScript add-ons that Claris shipped with FileMaker19.

Outside of work, Todd is the cofounder of One Spark Academy a non-profit Learning Center, practices Zen Meditation, does his best to entertain his wife Lori and two dogs, and is something of a SciFi/Fantasy nut.

Steve Ritchie


With a degree in psychology, Steve began his career as an independent school History and English teacher. After some time in the classroom, it became clear that he preferred administrative systems to grading papers. So he joined the school's IT group, and then the company that supplied their software. In 2007, Steve co-founded Proof with Ernest Koe. In addition to minding the operational side of the house, Steve is "a pretty good hole-filler," plugging in where he is needed in the consulting, support, training, and keeping-the-ball-moving categories.

He's committed to the humanity aspect, too, focusing on the "genius team" they've built and on the connections they make with clients, which he believes are two of Proof's greatest assets. Steve is an environmentalist, a lover of alternative energy (and keeping the lights on at Proof), a semi-obsessed runner, and is into Americana music, "whatever that really is." He also plays the ukulele and sings in a band. He loves craft beer and believes that Maine and New Hampshire have the best breweries anywhere.

Krissy Ferris

Chief of Staff

Krissy is happiest when she's working hard with friends to build lasting relationships, have fun, and create systems that make the world a better place. As Chief of Staff, she helps teams do more in less time by distilling complexity into actionable plans. Be careful if you tell her that something is impossible – it will only motivate her to find a way to make it happen!

As a sociologist who's also a software developer, Krissy is comfortable with both the technical and human aspects of design. She started her career in the healthcare world, where the toll that stress takes on the body was clearly evident. She believes that good software alleviates some of this burden and frees people up for what’s really important: being with those we love, thinking creatively, and ultimately, finding fulfillment. When she's not solving problems at the keyboard, Krissy enjoys fixing up old houses, spending time in nature, and reading fiction with warm cups of tea.

Giovani Aguirre

Jr. Software Engineer

Gio’s path to this industry was a serendipitous one. Inspired by a good friend, Gio’s first experience was so positive that it encouraged him to continue learning and growing, a path that has led him to Proof+Geist. Professionally, Gio is known for his strong JavaScript and front-end web development skills. His clients appreciate how friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable he is, and he is most excited when he is able to solve problems for his clients and see his work being used.

In his free time, Gio enjoys the nerdy things in life, including gaming and board games. He is also passionate about being active, and especially enjoys climbing and running.

Andy Chase

Sr. Software Engineer

Andy is the ultimate left brain/right brain combo. He fell in love with programming as a kid, then art and design in high school. But when the world wide web hit in 1995, he taught himself HTML, started designing websites, then large-scale templating tools, and finally came full-circle back to programming. As a Senior Software Developer, Andy is both a designer and a programmer, so he can do the work of two (or twenty), often finding robust ways to integrate FileMaker systems with web solutions.

Andy keeps his interest in art alive with printmaking and visual arts. He's also a member of the American Banjo Fraternity, playing and recording 5-string banjo music written in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Marcia Conner

Advisory Board Member

Marcia works with big-vision leaders and impact entrepreneurs who are ready to use their superpowers for good. She sidesteps traditional notions of engagement, best practices, and business-as-usual to connect, streamline, and energize entire ecosystems for rapid-phase change. Marcia translates her two decades of corporate experience into the credibility that executives demand. She has confronted and overcome the same pressures and responsibilities leaders face, bringing to bear the agility and advantages of working in personal ways.

A former corporate executive focused on high-growth organizations (Microsoft and PeopleSoft), Marcia is a SupporTED Mentor, a Fellow of the Darden School of Business, and has been a columnist for Fast Company. She has been an advisor to RWJF’s Culture of Health Leaders program and Wellville. She has been quoted on the BBC, in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, CIO, CLO, HR Executive, Information Week, Natural Health and has appeared on ABC World News This Morning.

Barbara Cooney

Sr. Software Engineer

"What can I learn next?" is a question Barbara frequently asks. As a history major in college, Barbara hadn’t even considered owning a computer, let alone a career working with software! That all changed when a friend introduced her to the MacPlus – Barbara’s been an Apple devotee ever since. Her career has taken her through a variety of roles, from training manager to application specialist (before blue shirts were a thing), to corporate IT Systems Analyst, and eventually to FileMaker application development, where she’s made her home ever since.

Happy on both sides of the learning equation, Barbara enjoys both the continuous learning that a career in software demands and the joy of teaching and mentoring. Her clients appreciate how she welcomes challenges with an open mind and an empathetic approach, as well as her ability to communicate clearly, explain complex techniques, and collaboratively think through workflows. Contributing to the community is also important to Barbara – she’s been a moderator on FMForums since 2013 and is currently mentoring a junior FileMaker developer through the WITfm program.

Outside of work, Barbara loves landscape design and perennials, often finding inspiration by visiting historic sites with beautiful gardens. If not at a Gold Coast mansion, botanical garden, or art museum, she can be found spending time out on Long Island Sound in her boat with her husband and two daughters.

Olivia 'Liv' Fitzpatrick

Ops & Marketing Associate

After earning her degree in 2D animation, Liv decided to apply her creativity, strong attention to detail, and skills in illustration and design to collaborative efforts with others. As an Operations and Marketing Associate at Proof+Geist, Liv excels at finding 'what's missing' in a particular situation, system, or project. Her team appreciates how easy she is to communicate with and how passionate she is about the work she produces. Liv is most excited by bringing new (sometimes out-there) ideas into the world and exploring the possibilities such work has to offer. To Liv, a great collaborator is organized, creative, willing to think outside the box, and open to exploring all possibilities.

Outside of her role at Proof+Geist, Liv is passionate about Art History and the natural world. She also enjoys collecting oddities from nature, caring for her houseplants and pet bird, and writing/illustrating small stories.

Jason Frey

Sr. Software Engineer

While working as a technology director for a private school, Jason was introduced to FileMaker and, over 20 years later, he still thinks of himself as a 'FileMaker guy.’

Jason’s strength lies in his empathy and the knowledge that the road to success always requires collaboration; he believes that delivering the most impactful features and services to clients requires the ability to decipher their needs and foster a mutual understanding of the challenges at hand. He prides himself on his ability to solve problems that are difficult to explain and, in turn, his clients know him as someone with their best interests at heart.

Outside of work, Jason finds joy in being a dad and caring for his family’s multitude of pets (1 dog, 4 cats, 2 rabbits, and a hamster). His free time is spent outdoors, where he can be found landscaping and grilling, or inside playing video games, reading comics, and talking about Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Marvel.

Danielle Hieronimi

Support Engineer

Danielle’s path to this industry began with her strong interest in and passion for UX/UI, data analysis, and back-end development. Her subsequent discovery of FileMaker inspired her to hone her skills as a developer. Since joining Proof+Geist, Danielle has found a new passion in the educational technology sphere. With a deep appreciation for how important schools are to the foundation of society, Danielle strives to make a difference every day in the lives of teachers, administrators, and students. A true team player, Danielle loves to explore the world through her clients’ eyes and deliver the best possible solutions for them. She smiles ear-to-ear when they are happy with the work that she’s done and take a moment to send her a thank you.

Outside of work, Danielle loves spending time in nature – in particular, visiting state parks to hike, kayak, and canoe. She hopes to visit the many locations on her travel list and especially dreams of visiting Antigua someday.

Andrew Koller

Infrastructure Support Engineer

A degree in Philosophy and fascination with logic is what led Andrew to arrive at programming as the best combination of the two. As an intern at Proof, he cut his teeth on the QA process, sussing out the little things that could cause problems down the road. Now, as a Junior Systems Analyst, Andrew's attention to detail lets him keep the devils out. In exchange, clients say he is "attentive and polite." He's still into philosophy with Boolean vs. Fuzzy Logic and quantum computing keeping him captivated. He's also a rock climber, traveler, swimmer, cyclist, guitar player and writer, using his body and brains to their max.

Mike Lee

Director of Services

It all started in middle school for Mike. As a teacher there, he was tasked with building a system for grades and comments with FileMaker, which led to communing with other educators doing similar things. Before he knew it, he became an expert in providing customer support and speaking at FileMaker DevCon (now Claris Engage). His strengths? "Managing expectations, figuring out issues, debugging and rapid prototyping and coding," he says. Mike thinks of himself as a service provider, which means timely responses and complete answers (in complete sentences), anticipating the needs of the client. He also gets everyone to work on the same side – customers and support team – so that things get done right the first time. He gravitates toward issues that relate to education, schools, and local/regional governance.

In addition to making things sing at work, he also likes to play the ukulele and actually sing outside the office.

Nathaniel Linzey

Marketing & Ops Associate

Nathaniel got his start in this industry studying 3D Animation, mainly focused on Rigging and small-scale script coding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he added Graphic Design and UX/UI to his skill set, a path he continues on today at Proof+Geist.

Professionally, Nathaniel is known for his skills in Illustration, Images, and Design, as well as his knack for learning new skills quickly. He loves supporting clients who have plenty of ideas and know how to communicate them. Focused, organized, and realistic, Nathaniel is best at helping to bring his clients’ design/branding ideas, goals, and dreams to life.

In his personal time, Nathaniel is an avid reader. He is passionate about books and the importance of stories – a central focus of his college career. He constantly talks about and rereads his favorite books again and again. Many of his personal projects also revolve around books, book covers, and proofreading. Any avenue that can get him closer to excellent storytelling is one Nathaniel will pursue. He loves when his passions – writing, history, and Dungeons & Dragons – collide, allowing him to do research to back up a character or story that he’s writing for a game with a group of friends (and some dice).

Eric Luce

Sr. Software Engineer

Eric discovered FileMaker while working in Hollywood at a post-production facility, where they needed a way to keep track of their client's tapes and print pixel-perfect labels for their outputs. That experience awoke his problem-solving/programming brain, after which he could never look back!

Professionally, Eric is well-known within the FMBetter Forums community and has a strong understanding of web technology, especially how it can interact with platforms like FileMaker. For his clients, he excels at solving the problem of connecting their existing infrastructure together with external APIs. Watching these seemingly simple changes make such a big difference for some people is something Eric finds rewarding (and fun!). Never afraid to voice his never-ending flow of ideas, Eric loves how transformative his ideas can be, creating things that meaningfully impact people's lives (or at least that make their job a little easier/fun!).

In his personal time, Eric loves spending time with his family, and attending 2 kinds of conventions: FileMaker and Board Games (he says most people are surprised to learn that, for some reason!).

Angelo Luchi

Director of Infrastructure Operations

Generally, deep knowledge of computer servers and compassionate listening skills are not two things that go hand-in-hand – Angelo is the exception. He started hosting FileMaker Servers in 2003 to a handful of local clients, who, pleased with his skills and empathetic approach, recommended him to their friends. Eventually, what was once a small side gig became Angelo’s full-time job.

Since then, Angelo has worked with more than 17 data centers to bring hosting services with a friendly and approachable human side to customers around the world. His clients appreciate that he is always cool, level-headed, and willing to stand by their side until every concern is addressed. From his many years on the job, Angelo often thinks he’s seen it all, until some new scenario pops up – like that one time the physical rack his server machines were sitting on failed and they came crashing to the ground!

Angelo lives in New York state with his three rescue cats who enjoy using the keyboard and attending video calls just as much (if not more) than he does. He enjoys a range of interests and hobbies, including ghost hunting/stories, cryptozoology, Medieval history, and badminton. As a trained circus arts performer, when he’s not juggling tasks and tickets, you might find him juggling objects from around the house!

Jesus Madrigal

Infrastructure Engineer

As a Junior Systems Engineer at Proof+Geist, Jesus enjoys the daily exposure he gets to new concepts and situations, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the foundations of the infrastructure Proof+Geist will depend upon for years to come. He is also enthusiastic about taking on new clients and providing support to existing customers. In return, Jesus’s clients appreciate how helpful and kind he is in clarifying computing ideas (basic, complex, and everywhere in-between), providing exceptional service, and finding the best possible solutions to the problems they experience.

Outside of work, Jesus is an avid fan of UFC/MMA and football – his favorite team in the NFL is the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also enjoys fantasy football and playing video games.

Taylor McGuire

Sales & Project Coordinator

While she started her journey in education, first as a 6th grade ELA teacher and then as a Teacher and Content Leader, Taylor soon realized that her capabilities were outgrowing the classroom and began looking into Management and Coordination opportunities. As the Sales and Project Coordinator with Proof+Geist, Taylor shepherds projects through the entirety of their life cycles, providing administrative support and coordination to the P+G Sales team along the way. Known for being organized, detail oriented, and determined to get things done on time, Taylor also strives to be someone others can come to when they're in need. She prides herself on her ability to communicate with clients in a positive and effective manner, as well as deliver services on time and to standard. Taylor is most excited to develop positive relationships between people, and seek harmony, compromise, and cooperation.

Outside of work, Taylor enjoys puzzles, board games, or anything competitive - she loves a good challenge! She spends much of her free time going to live shows, spending time with her dog, Mya, and riding her bike! For Taylor, it’s the small things in life that bring her the most joy!

Valerie Muradian

Software Engineer

Starting her FileMaker journey by taking a course in 42 Silicon Valley School, Valerie has become known for her skill in UIs, API integrations, web integrations, data visualizations, and technical writing. When it comes to the perfect client/provider partnership, Valerie believes a combination of timely communication, nice attitude, and friendliness is the key to success. She excels at Integrating clients’ FileMaker databases with other third-party resources and building web interfaces to display their FileMaker data and UIs. She has dedicated herself to building long-term relationships with her clients, focusing her skills on solving problems, building beautiful things, and using her work to simplify things

Outside of work, Valerie is an avid reader and loves to draw and write. She enjoys going to music festivals and traveling the world.

Brian Ouimette

Sr. Software Engineer

When Brian was injured on the job as a paramedic, the doctor who sponsored his paramedic license asked if he would be willing to test an application he had commissioned. Brian agreed – before long, he found himself taken under the wing of the seasoned developer leading the project, who tasked him with writing APIs, JSON, and generally helping build the integrations that connected this app.

From there, Brian continued to build his expertise – today, he is known as a powerhouse of API integration, JavaScript charting, web development, and building FileMaker processes in a dynamic way so that they scale and change effortlessly as the app does. He is one of the few who actually enjoys troubleshooting third-party integrations and libraries.

If he’s not at his desk, you might find Brian out in his Jeep with his two kids, exploring the beach, kayaking, hiking, or camping. He also solves problems in the real world with his 3D printer, whether it’s the faulty straps on his kayak rack or the "problem" that none of his household’s light switches are made of legos.

Dirk Reynolds

Project Manager

Dirk Reynolds grew up around everything code, mainframes, data, and more. Both his parents were programmers in the ’60s and, once personal computers hit the scene, Dirk jumped in headfirst. Becoming an avid fan of FileMaker in the early ‘90s, Dirk started his own firm, before going fully remote in the 2000s. Professionally, Dirk is best known for his ability to keep his clients’ needs (and strategy) front and center while landing on a solution, as well as his skill with FileMaker and UIX. He prides himself on his ability to clear the clutter and keep focus, assessing complex problems quickly to remove them permanently.

In 2016, Dirk and his wife sold everything, hit the road in their Airstream, and have been full-time digital nomads ever since. Having grown up in England and Holland, his passions outside of work lay in the world of travel, food, and sports.

Alondra Torres-Navarro

Jr. Software Engineer

Alondra Torres-Navarro’s interest in programming began in high school and was built upon during a Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, where she learned the basics and delved deeper into the world of development and code. She later worked as an IT consultant, where she jumped at the opportunity to develop custom applications using FileMaker. Since then, Alondra has contributed to several EDI projects and has found a passion for working on integrations in particular. Alondra is dedicated to good communication and flexibility, and uses her adaptability and patience to better understand her clients’ needs, expectations, and constraints. She has a knack for making workflows more efficient by leveraging integrations between services and enjoys developing technologies that help communities and organizations thrive. Outside of work, Alondra spends time practicing yoga, hiking with her dogs, and going to farmers markets. She and her husband are also avid fans of Formula 1 racing - their dogs are even named after teams: Alfie Romeo and Lotus!

Peter Vinogradov

Sr. Software Engineer

Peter's path to this industry began in education. Teaching at an independent school that doesn't give grades, he built a system to eliminate the repetitive parts student assessment. He's been immersed, for the last two decades, in FileMaker development and consulting.

Peter is known for encouraging clients to experiment and tinker with their own solutions, and helping them articulate their business process. He particularly enjoys working with clients who never stop coming up with ideas for improvements and new features.

In his free time, Peter enjoys rolling dice, writing books, and waiting for the Mets to win a World Series.

Jennifer Vokoun

Project Manager

Jennifer’s arrival to this industry has been a long and winding road. Her background in design and her experience in management and education has made her a master of juggling multiple tasks and projects at once, while maintaining an eye for the finer details. As a designer, she has a strong creative curiosity, and a process for problem-solving, and she is always eager to collaborate to solve problems. Jennifer’s main focus when it comes to working with clients is building relationships centered around trust, communication, and a commitment to achieving results. In return, her clients appreciate her organized and level headed approach to all manner of challenges (as well as her collection of hats).

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys painting, drawing, and collage. She often finds herself devouring 2 to 3 audiobooks a week. She is very passionate about solo travel, particularly the experience of wandering through (and getting lost in) Tuscany.

Corn Walker

Sr. Software Architect

Curiosity drives Corn Walker. He became interested in Buddhism, practices Zen meditation and credits nonviolent communication with changing the way he sees the world and his approach to interacting with people. Let's just say he can get along with anyone, in any situation.

As Senior Software Engineer, he applies these philosophies to technology systems and client relations. His teaching background enables him to explain exactly what he's doing to solve problems, which is his first love. High on the list after that are kayaking, cycling, technical climbing, and hiking.

Heather Williams

Software Engineer

A former teacher and administrative assistant with a background in tech support, Heather is a woman-of-all-trades. She won't rest until she gets to the root of a problem and resolves it — sans drama. She believes open and consistent communication and caring about the end result are keys to working with clients, and she's a master of both.

Heather is passionate about her daughter; she's also into knitting, reading, horseback riding, and eating tasty food.

Martha Zink

Director of Business Development

Always focused on understanding people – how they work, why they are the way they are, and how they see the world – Martha enjoys drawing out individual strengths: what makes people feel successful, great, and empowered. She believes we spend way too much time at work to be unhappy while we're doing it – accordingly, she strives to make lives (and work) easier, helping people do what matters most to them.

A love for problem-solving and creative thinking drew Martha into the Claris platform – today, she loves teaching the platform to new users and developers. As CEO of PauseOnError, Martha loves bringing the Claris FileMaker community together in an intimate and unique space: an unconference/a think tank/an art project all in one.

To Martha, a great service provider is a trusted advisor – as such, her relationship with clients is paramount. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients to achieve their vision, offering empathy, sound advice, and inspiration along the way. Her favorite part of the process is strategizing: asking the right questions to refine the problem at hand and coming up with big-picture suggestions. In turn, Martha’s clients appreciate her honesty, insight, and how she always has their best interests in mind.

An extrovert at heart, Martha loves learning about people’s experiences and sharing memories with others at concerts, get-togethers, and sporting events. She is also an obsessed Peloton rider (#oneupmushroom) and an avid board game player. Give her some creative freedom, and she’ll go above and beyond to make any event – parties, celebrations, you name it – as special as possible. (It'll be at the 11th hour, but it'll happen!)



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