written by Jennifer Vokoun

This August, Claris introduced a plan to unify its platform, integrating Claris FileMaker, Claris Connect, and Claris Studio (originally released as a separate product, Claris Pro will eventually be discontinued, and its integration features with Studio and Connect are being merged with the flagship FileMaker Pro suite of products). As part of this shift, Claris Pro has recently released version 40.2.2, which streamlines  the migration of Claris Pro solutions back to FileMaker Pro:

  • Save in .fmp12 Format: Claris Pro now lets you save solutions in the .fmp12 format, ensuring compatibility with FileMaker Pro.
  • Effortless Migration: Transitioning from Claris Pro to FileMaker Pro is simple, with minimal risk of losing functionality.
  • Account Transition: Claris Pro automates the addition of a FileMaker file account during conversion.
  • Minimum Version: The converted file sets a minimum version of 20.2, essential for accessing Claris Studio data sources.

More details about Claris Pro 40.2.2 can be found here

To convert your solutions:

  • 1. Install Claris Pro 40.2.2.
  • 2. Sign in with a Claris ID account with full access in the .claris file.
  • 3. Open the .claris file, go to File > Save a Copy As, and choose the conversion format.
  • 4. Save, and let Claris Pro handle the rest.

Please note: Claris Go is not needed to convert files and will be removed from the App Store soon.

A few weeks ago we shared with you the launch of FileMaker 2023 version 20.2 which enhances your options by integrating with Claris Studio, with bug fixes and features that are not included in Claris Pro. You can dive deeper into these improvements in the FileMaker Pro version 20.2 release notes.

We look forward to sharing future updates as Claris continues to evolve its powerful, unified platform, seamlessly serving all your database and app development needs.