Dear Friends,

I’m very proud to officially announce the launch of Ottomatic Cloud Console, OttoFMS, and OttoDeploy!

We built Ottomatic because we needed a world-class infrastructure and cloud platform to support our modern FileMaker work. We couldn’t find an existing hosting offering that fit our vision for professional FileMaker development practices, so we built our own. With Ottomatic Cloud Console (OCC), our shiny new web portal to the Ottomatic platform, we are sharing this capability with the whole Claris FileMaker community.  We designed Ottomatic to be the best place for FileMaker developers and partner organizations to build and deploy modern FileMaker apps. Ottomatic features un-throttled compute, blazingly fast I/O spec’ed for high-performance workloads, and is built to support modern devops practices out-of-the-box.

With the launch of Ottomatic Cloud Console, Ottomatic partners and customers will be able to spin up servers, manage ANY FileMaker server on any host–cloud or on-prem–that has OttoFMS installed, set-up hassle-free SSO, and get affordable cloud storage. All this on the very same platform we at Proof use for our own work–one that is already trusted by dozens of Claris Partners.

OttoFMS is one of the engines powering OCC. It’s a ground up redesign of Otto, our premier DevOps and FileMaker Server augmentation service. You can use OttoFMS anywhere you can install FileMaker Server: on-prem or in the cloud. OttoFMS ships with dozens of improvements over Otto3, including a new OttoFMS admin console that makes simple work of administering FileMaker Server, setting up webhooks, API keys, and much, much, more. OttoFMS comes installed with every FileMaker Server instance on Oh, and OttoFMS is now free for anyone to download and use!

OttoDeploy is a major update and replacement for Migrator. We made OttoDeploy because we got tired of doing data migrations by hand. We use OttoDeploy every day to help us automate and manage the tricky bits of FileMaker devops so that we can focus on building great apps. We got our weekends back with the power duo of OttoFMS and OttoDeploy, and we hope you can, too.


Ernest Koe