Proof+Geist is excited to participate in Claris Engage 2024, where our eight speakers will lead sessions covering foundational FM techniques and dig into exploratory topics. We can’t wait to share our tips, tricks, and techniques with you!

Advanced modern Claris FileMaker transactions

Barbara Cooney & Alo Torres-Navarro

Whether you have implemented a transactional framework or have never used the new 19.6 transactional features, this discussion is for you. This session assumes that you are familiar with the concepts of transactional scripting: commit, revert, and its benefits. Barbara and Alo will dive deep into suggested scripting patterns, custom functions, schema setups, discuss some key behavioral nuances inherent in transactional scripting, and emphasize new error-trapping techniques made possible by the new transactional features of 19.6.

UncURLed: Pain-free detangling of APIs and OAuth integration

Brian Ouimette

Turn API docs into functional code! Cut through the fog of OAuth with the OAuth2 code generator. API Accelerator is a REST integration framework that allows newcomers to get going with minimal fuss. Its robust, modular scripting helps developers wrangle complex APIs cleanly and quickly. Attend this session to acquire hands-on experience using these tools and leave armed with the skills and confidence to tackle any API project.

Half-baked: Delivering unfinished code to production with feature flags

Eric Luce

Come learn how to use feature flags in your Claris FileMaker workflow. This session will explore how this powerful tool enables continuous deployment, allowing you to roll out new features seamlessly. But that’s not all — you can use them to test features secretly in production and release or un-release features without any migration or downtime! The session will also cover some unconventional uses of feature flags that will delight and inspire you in your own development. If you’ve ever had to work on a solution while it was already deployed to production, you won’t want to miss this session!

AI foundations for Claris FileMaker developers

Ernest Koe

Keep pace with AI’s rapid evolution in this technical deep-dive for Claris FileMaker developers. This is envisioned as a technical nuts-and-bolts session, where the presenter will explore practical ways to integrate AI or use it to unlock the potential of business data with FileMaker and the greater Claris platform. Along the way, the session aims to cover some foundational concepts around GenAI including LLMs, prompts, vector databases, models, and functions.

Speed, stability, and benchmarking

Heather Williams & Dirk Reynolds

When paired with the creative genius of developers, Claris FileMaker solutions can do practically anything, but it’s easy over time to neglect the basics of speed and stability. If solutions stall or crash, how do you fix it? Where do you look, how do you test, and how quickly can your team speed through their app again?

Find out what the most common performance culprits are and identify the three key areas to keep an eye on. Set up clear and easy benchmarking processes, and then implement fixes based on a short list of speed and stability best practices.

TileMaker™ Pro: Physical tools for digital productivity

Peter Vinogradov

Tools like ClickUp and Basecamp are brilliant for managing tasks and time, but they exist only in a digital space. Physical tools — whiteboards, paper, etc. — engage all our senses, but don’t easily integrate with the kind of digital work we do every day. TileMaker™ Pro is a collection of tools and techniques for bridging the gulf between our digital and physical worlds. A tactile day planner made of FileMaker, NFC tags, and blank plastic dominoes, TileMaker™ cuts the mental strain of switching tasks and launches you between projects in a fun and satisfying way. Come get inspired with ideas to make your workspace fun and functional! 

Claris Engage 2024

Claris Engage 2024 will be at the Apple Campus in Austin, Texas, from February 6-8. If you haven’t yet signed up, register here. We can’t wait to see you there!