by Martha Zink and Chardonnay Needler

It’s the 25th live event hosted by Claris, and we are excited to be premier sponsors! In a world still adjusting to the aftermath of a global pandemic, Engage 2024 is more than just another event or the next version of DevCon – it’s a revolution and a chance for community reconnection.

The Road to Engage

We recently wrapped up PauseOnError Summer Camp, one of the many stops on the Road to Engage. Around 90 community members joined us and took the time to think differently, connect with our community, and take a pause from our day-to-day. We talked about plugins, 3D graphics, unfinished code, and created some impressive tie-dye shirts. We improved our workflows and our yoga flows. You can read more about the sessions at Pause here.

With Pause now behind us, we’re eager for our next big opportunity to spend time with the Claris FileMaker community.

All About Engage

Here’s the quick Engage rundown: 

Where: The Apple Campus in Austin, Texas

When: February 6–8, 2024

Expect to:

  • Talk all things Claris 
  • Choose from 50+ presentations on cutting-edge FileMaker topics
  • Enhance your skills on training day (for an additional fee) from top trainers, including Todd Geist and Martha Zink
  • Get inspired at the Apple Campus
  • Stop by booths offering FileMaker products and services (Come say hi at the Proof+Geist and Ottomatic booths!)
  • Share some special memories with the community

Still need to register? Sign up here. 

Proof+Geist: A Premier Sponsor

It wasn’t that long ago we co-hosted AutoEnter Live, a virtual event, with Soliant Consulting. It reached over 1,000 people in 50+ countries. We’re excited to share this top-tier Engage sponsorship alongside our friends at Soliant. We look forward to sponsoring and playing our part in a new and exceptional event!

Training Day: February 6th

Like years past, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a paid Training Day to elevate your FileMaker skills in smaller, more hands-on training classes ($549). In three of those training sessions, you’ll be led by our very own Todd Geist and Martha Zink. 

  • Connecting the dots with Claris Connect – Chris Ippolite
  • FileMaker Pro: Latest and Greatest – Todd Geist and Bob Bowers
  • Server Administration and API Integrations – Todd Geist and Wim Decorte
  • Building a Strong Foundation – Martha Zink and Sara Severson

If you’re interested in registering for training day, find more details here.

Be Part of Claris Engage 2024

Claris Engage 2024 is an event you won’t want to miss. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, boost your FileMaker skills, and be energized by the beautiful Apple Campus. Echoing all the spark and fun of DevCons past, Engage 2024 offers a fresh opportunity to participate in a new type of event. We can’t wait to see you there!