• Andrew Lecates, Chief Product Owner for Claris FileMaker
  • Todd Geist 
  • Ernest Koe
  • Corn Walker


Get ready for a special new episode of The Context Podcast! Join us as we sit down with our special guest, Andrew Lecates, Chief Product Owner for Claris FileMaker. In this episode, we discuss Claris’s strategic shift towards a refocused Claris platform as Claris prepares to transition Claris Pro functionally into the FileMaker line, and deprecate Claris Pro (including Claris Go, Claris WebDirect, and Claris Server).

Corn Walker, Todd Geist, and Ernest Koe delve into the fascinating realm of technology and AI as it relates to the Claris platform, both present and future, while also gaining insights into Andrew’s new role and its implications. We also dig into the seamless integration of FileMaker, Connect, and Studio, and unpack the implications for the platform. Plus, stay tuned for some sneak peeks into the exciting plans for Claris Engage 2024.

Check out all the changes Claris is making here: https://content.claris.com/claris-community-products-roadmap-proof+geist 

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