• Martha Zink
  • Todd Geist
  • Chris Rogers 


In this episode of The Context Podcast, Martha Zink and Todd Geist from Proof+Geist sit down with a special guest, Chris Rogers, the mastermind behind TourPro—a revolutionary software shaking up the dance event management scene. In this episode, Chris takes us on a journey through his remarkable transition from building a small side project to the creation of TourPro, a game-changing event registration and management tool for dance enthusiasts.

With approximately 1,000 events a year, Chris and his team have mastered the art of making a complex technical product accessible to non-technical users. As Chris puts it, he’s got “enough knowledge to be dangerous with FileMaker,” and he’s using that power to empower event organizers worldwide.

What sets TourPro apart is its clever design—a user-friendly mobile app that lets you run events offline, keeping things seamless and efficient even without an internet connection. Chris dives into the technical magic that allows users to operate within the app, and then sync up once they’re back online. Join us in this episode as we explore Chris Rogers’s journey, laugh at relatable anecdotes, and gain valuable insights into the world of innovative software creation. Stay tuned, because this episode is your backstage pass to the captivating world of TourPro and the brilliant mind behind it.

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