• Todd Geist 
  • Cris Ippolite


In this episode of The Context Podcast, join Proof+Geist CTO, Todd Geist and Cris Ippolite, founder of iSolutions, as they dive into the fascinating impacts that AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are having on our industry in general, and the FileMaker community in particular. 

Cris was an early proponent of using Machine Learning and AI with FileMaker. In fact, this is the third time we have had Cris on the pod to discuss this topic. The first was Episode 34, back in May of 2020, and the second time was Episode 71 in September of 2021 – way before ChatGPT was a thing. Now that LLMs and ChatGPT are the elephants in the FileMaker room, we thought it would be a good idea to have Cris back on the Podcast for an updated conversation on what this all might mean for how we do our jobs, and solve problems for our customers with our favorite platform.

Hear how Cris and Todd think AI might revolutionize the way we build applications and systems with FileMaker, while preserving the essence of creative thinking. They discuss the upcoming Apple WWDC 2023 conference on June 5th, and their expectations on how Apple will shape the trajectory of AI. Plus, get an introduction to Proof+Geist’s Front Radar Plugin—and stay tuned for the upcoming blog post on that.

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