Angelo and Todd had a great time presenting at the FM BetterForms User Group and wanted to give you a quick recap in case you missed it!

Their main focus was on Ottomatic, our optimized FileMaker hosting platform. With years of experience behind it, Ottomatic is designed to meet FileMaker’s specific needs. It boasts a global presence with data centers in 30 locations, prioritizing speed and security.

Additionally, Ottomatic offers “Apps on Demand,” allowing you to effortlessly create new FileMaker applications as your requirements change. This feature ensures flexibility and scalability without complex setups or configurations. You can learn more about Apps on Demand here.

But that’s not all! We also demoed the superhero companion of Ottomatic—- Otto. Otto brings superpowers to your FileMaker server, handling tasks like file downloads, deployments, data migrations, and webhooks. It simplifies these processes and saves you time and effort. 

At Proof+Geist, we’re passionate about using FileMaker to solve business problems and empower individuals. We extend our gratitude to FM BetterForms for hosting this incredible event. If you have any questions about Ottomatic or anything related to FileMaker, don’t hesitate to reach out. A big thank you to FM Better Forms and Charles Delf for having us. 

Watch the recording here!