The release of the new Claris FileMaker 2023 update has been long-awaited by developers and users alike. With many new features and enhancements, it promises to make the already robust database platform even more powerful and efficient. 

We also recognize that with new updates, compatibility issues can arise. Here are some additional details about how this release affects our products.


  • Versions 3.5.2 and earlier 
  • Update Required 

Otto will require version 3.5.3 to work with FileMaker 2023. It is available for download.


  • 19.0.0
  • Works, with caveats*


  • 1.0
  • Works, with caveats*

*FMPerception and FMComparison will work with FM2023 DDRs, but information on certain new features may be incomplete in reports from FMPerception and FMComparison. For example, the new “Perform Script on Server with Callback” shows up, but FMPerception doesn’t yet recognize the Callback Script. We are working on releases of both FMPerception and FMPComparison that will address these issues.

  • All versions
  • Supported

There are no known LedgerLink compatibility issues with FM2023


  • V1.3.2
  • Supported 


  • Supported 


  • Supported 

It’s always a good practice to check with the developers of any tools for updates or known issues specific to the latest version of FileMaker. Additionally, it’s important to thoroughly test any third-party tools or plugins before implementing them in a production environment, especially after a major software update.

If you have questions about FileMaker 2023 compatibility issues, contact us at