• Martha Zink 
  • Todd Geist
  • Corn Walker 
  • Peter Vinogradov


In this episode of The Context Podcast, we are joined by Todd Geist, Corn Walker, and Peter Vinogradov for an epic debate between Team Pro-Transactions and Team Anti-Transactions. They dive in and discuss the benefits (and bad habits) that come with transactions in Claris FileMaker 19.6. 

FileMaker’s 19.6 version release brought simplification and cleanup to the developer side of transactions, creating new commands to cut down on multistep processes and turning hard-to-read error-catching code into something legible. This is certainly an update focused on improving the lives of FileMaker developers. All this, combined with the caveats brought up by the (tentatively) Anti-Transactions Team, help round out the conversation. 

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