Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing

Todd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTO 

Matt Navarre, FileMaker Talks Co-Host

Episode Summary: 

Join Martha Zink, Todd Geist, and Matt Navarre from the FileMaker Talks podcast as they discuss changes coming to FileMaker, the Claris Platform, and strategies that businesses can use to benefit from the changes.


In September, Claris announced that the Claris FileMaker platform would shift to the cloud, making it more accessible and powerful. 

This new platform can be used to create rich UIs and apps for public-facing client and customer portals, which was previously only possible with custom web publishing. This is what we think of as Modern FileMaker. 

For those who need to use previous versions, they’ll be maintained for a while longer.

Learn more in this episode of the Context Podcast. Available on Transistor.FM and Youtube. 

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