• Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing
  • Ernest Koe, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CEO

In this episode, join Martha and Ernest as they discuss the design thinking methodologies that informed Mizu, how it complements the modern FileMaker concept, and how the context of evolving user interface design and engineering principles will continue to shape Mizu’s iterations. 

What is Mizu (水)? It’s a material-inspired, lightweight FileMaker theme and helper file for FileMaker developers. Mizu is part of an overall design system at Proof+Geist that emphasizes the use of underlying structures (grids), design patterns, and reusable components to enable more consistent, collaborative work.

Join our hosts as they cover topics like: 

  • What is ‘capital D’ Design and how is it foundational to the modern FileMaker concept?
  • How can Mizu make your mental load lighter by taking on the UI, and why does that help development?
  • How can constraints help remove friction in your development process?

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