It’s hard to believe it’s been a few weeks since AutoEnter concluded. 

Once More—- We would like to thank everyone who presented, who participated, and who lurked in our chats throughout this rollercoaster of an event.

AutoEnter Live was a great way to get our community together and spread a wealth of knowledge. We all started as Claris Problem Solvers and within 48 hours, we quickly turned into a bunch of modern FileMaker revolutionaries. It was a fantastic two days, and we are grateful to have played such a large part in it. 

But just because AutoEnter Live has ended, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed all of it! We have speaker presentations uploaded to YouTube, including the opening sessions and closing sessions. Don’t miss out on the discussions had with Claris— especially Robert Holsey’s session on the future of the platform.

Check out the AutoEnter Live YouTube Channel.

Check out our Proof+Geist YouTube Channel. 

And keep the party going by joining the AutoEnter Live Discord!