• Peter Nelson, Claris Vice President of Engineering
  • Andrew LeCates, Claris Director of Platform Evangelism
  • Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing
  • Ernest Koe, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CEO
  • Todd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTO

On April 26, 2022, Claris hosted a webinar on the future of their technology and platform. In this episode of The Context Podcast, Martha, Ernest, and Todd are joined by special guests Peter Nelson and Andrew LeCates from Claris. They focused on their upcoming offering, Claris Studio, their shift toward unified licensing, the Problem Solvers Circle Program, and the focus that Claris has on the growing and expanding platform.

A huge thanks to Claris for spending time with Proof+Geist to talk about the future of the platform. And make sure you listen until the end — Todd may have talked about an upcoming event planned for this summer!

Claris Updates Webinar – April 26, 2022
The Context Podcast on the Modern FileMaker Revolution
Problem Solvers Circle
AutoEnter Live

This podcast episode is also available on YouTube