The podcast is back!

The Claris platform has both depth and breadth, and we want to continue to share our excitement for the platform. With that in mind, we are excited to bring back The Context Podcast with a new host and new content. Martha Zink will host the podcast, continuing the tradition of interviewing the Claris community on various topics. Have some ideas or want to be on the podcast? Drop us a line and let us know! We want it all, including technical deep dives, customer stories, conceptual chats, and other topics that benefit the people in our community (and help spread the word on how awesome this community is).

The Modern FileMaker Revolution

In this episode, Martha, Ernest, and Todd discuss how Proof+Geist is redefining FileMaker in the context of today’s business needs, modern development practices, and a rapidly changing technical landscape.

What is the ‘modern FileMaker revolution’? How can vast networks of apps, tools, persistence layers, databases, experiences, workflows, and more be leveraged to create value using Claris FileMaker, the platform we love?

Highlighting the growing shift toward a more decoupled, lightweight approach to development, Ernest and Todd share how a new set of ideas, skills, and technologies directly informs how we build value using FileMaker today.