Newbury Park, CA  March 4, 2020  Geist Interactive is proud to announce that we are now a Claris Partner-Connect. This new designation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support the Claris International Workplace Innovation Platfom’s mission and the confidence Claris has in our ability to provide excellent service to our clients.

Claris Connect is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that enables companies to easily connect FileMaker to other applications to drive digital transformation. In simple terms, iPaaS is a platform for building and deploying application integrations within the cloud and between the cloud and a company. With iPaaS, developers can create integration flows that connect applications residing in the cloud or on-premises and then deploy them without installing or managing any hardware or middleware. By automating manual procedures and integrating them with digital processes, companies can create customized systems that streamline business processes. Claris Connect makes it easier for companies to build automation workflows that augment and digitally transform their business.

Claris Connect is the perfect companion to Claris FileMaker. FileMaker custom applications can quickly integrate with any of the applications supported by Claris Connect creating truly unique and custom business systems, on-premise or in the cloud, increasing availability to greater numbers of customers.

Todd Geist, CEO of Geist Interactive, worked with Claris on its features and functionality and has experience using Claris Connect.  “At last year’s DevCon, I was asked by Claris to demonstrate just how easy it is set up flows using Claris Connect.  I estimated that I was able to replace about 50 hours of custom work by using Claris Connect to send emails through Office365.”

As a Claris Partner-Connect, Geist Interactive has decades of experience building custom FileMaker integrations and integration products that make it the perfect partner for any business looking to augment, automate and integrate existing systems by connecting FileMaker or any other application with an API.  For instance, when a company receives an electronically-signed document via one of the Claris Connect supported applications, it can automatically update the integrated sales app, upload the document into the cloud storage location and then notify the team using a communication or project management tool. This type of automated workflow saves considerable time and resources, so employees can spend more time on critical tasks that can’t be automated.

About Geist Interactive

Geist Interactive is the most trusted, innovative custom FileMaker development company that specializes in helping customers around the world automate, integrate, and augment their businesses. Geist combines decades of FileMaker experience with modern development practices, knowledge of several programming languages, cloud infrastructure expertise, and personalized design services to produce innovative results that streamline business processes and help customer continue their digital transformation initiatives. Geist serves every level of the FileMaker community with consulting and development services, award winning products and developer tools, and free online training resources