Checkout the latest podcast episode from the good folks at Geist Interactive,

Listening time: 72min Jeremy Brown and Todd Geist were wonderful and gracious hosts. This was originally going to be about FileMaker Finds and Searches but…well, we went pretty meta and totally blew past the original theme.

It was a really fun session that touched on a number of topics close to my heart: remote teams, the present state and the future of FileMaker (Claris), the search engine problem in FileMaker, the concept of “FileMaker AND” vs. “FileMaker OR” and the future of workplace innovation, digital transformation and the power of systems, and the idea that we are living in an incredible time of business technology transformation. There’s a lot going on here, and I don’t do enough to share my thoughts publicly, so it may seem out-of-character, but I swear it’s me – I hope this will give folks a glimpse of some of the key ideas that continue to motivate me and help form the foundation of Proof’s mission and purpose.