We are very proud to announce that the Geist Interactive team won not one but two FBA Excellence Awards at FileMaker DevCon 2019. These mark our 4th and 5th awards in the last 6 years. Since next years event will has been renamed “Claris Engage”, these also mark the very last award given at a “FileMaker DevCon”.

Community Leader Award

Geist Interactive’s Evangelist, Jeremy Brown won the award for Community Leader for his tireless work helping build Claris’ online community. The community is a critical part of the Workplace Innovation Platform. Jeremy spends a lot of time helping people get answers to their questions, and he helps to ensure that the community continues to provide a positive experience for everyone looking for help with the platform.

Innovation Award

The innovation award is given to companies who create innovative solutions or tools, extensions or plugins that add innovative features to custom applications or make them better. In our case the award was given for our extensions and tools. Our three most innovative tools are likely the ones that got us the award. Remember they are on sale through the 16th of this month.

Here is quick look at three of the products that were entered and the developers who created them.


FMPerception is our realtime developer analytics tool. It is huge favorite in the developer community. Its blazing fast progressive search approach means you can get the information you need about your solution now, not later. You do not need to wait for long imports or parsing steps. You just ask a question and you get an answer. Access to this much information in realtime will make you a better developer.

FMPerception is a creation of Dave Ramsey and Hierarch LLC. Dave can be found each year at our booth with a huge crowd around as he waxes philosophical on the power of real time analytics


WidgetStudio is our vision for what we hope for the future of the Claris Workplace Innovation Platform. It helps you create, customize and deploy FileMaker WebViewer Widgets. Widgets are highly interactive user interface elements, that break free of traditions FileMaker user limitations. You can pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own and deploy it quickly.

WidgetStudio is the brain child of Cason Lind of Eagle Optimizations. This year he used FileMaker to control an industrial robot as it poured a cup of coffee. Amazing stuff from an amazing developer.

Otto and Otto Migrator

Otto is our FileMaker Server developer operations and data migration tool. You can turn tedious, error prone, slow manual data migrations into full automatic processes that you can kick off with the click of a button or at a particular time. You will not believe how good it feels. If you have a vertical market solution Otto will save you countless hours, when you push out new versions to your customers.

Otto can also send backups to amazon S3 for offsite backups. With just a few clicks you set up Otto to send a backup to S3 running in your own AWS account. Since Amazon doesn’t charge for uploads, your costs are really low.

The Last FileMaker DevCon

Although we didn’t know it when we arrived, this was to be the last FileMaker DevCon. In a surprise move FileMaker renamed itself Claris and changed the name of DevCon to Claris Engage. Although we are totally and completely psyched by these changes, it is a little bittersweet. Many of us have been to more than 20 DevCons. That chapter is now closed and new one begins.

Thank You

We get the trophy, but really we couldn’t do it with out you, our customers in over 50 countries around the world. Your dedication to the platform and your enthusiasm for our products is what made this happen. We thank you and we promise to keep innovating.