Today our FileMaker DevOps tool, Otto, gets a big upgrade; automated offsite backups to any S3 compatible storage service. Otto the only product that automates data migration, solution upgrades and offsite backups for on premises FileMaker servers. Otto 2.0 is now compatible with FileMaker 18 server.

Once Otto is installed on your server you can configure it to move a folder full of backups offsite. You can use S3’s storage retention policies to keep backups on S3 for as long or as short a time as you want. S3 is so cheap though, that you might just decide to keep daily backups stored there indefinitely.

Otto transfers Backups to S3

If your Workplace Innovation Platform Servers run on premises, then you need to make sure that you have a reliable backup method to make sure your valuable data is backed up offsite. Otto now has you covered.

Otto 2.0 is available today on our website. There is a free limited demo version available. Prices for the full version start at $400 for a 3-server pack. If you already have an Otto License, you can download this new version from your account on our website for free.