We at Geist Interactive, Barbara, Dave, Lance, Jeremy and Todd (and the ghosts) wish everyone a happy holiday. No matter your celebration plans this season, we wish it to be full of warmth and love and joy.

Thank you for coming along with us as we continue to push what is possible in FileMaker and encourage developers to try out something new.

As a special treat, we are offering an End of Year sale, where every product and package in our store is 20% off.

Use this code: HOLIDAY2018  (colors not necessary) on any purchase and the 20% savings will be applied! It is available now through January 4, 2019, so act fast!

Get yourself or another FileMaker developer one of our products or tools. May we suggest:

  • FMPerception A must have for all FileMaker developers. Its realtime-developer intelligence is unmatched and is extremely useful in your day-to-day development.
  • Implementation packages: Pick up a 3- or 6- or 20-hour package and spend time with one of us to help you through some sticky parts of your solution. We’d be happy to write a few scripts for you as well.
  • Otto. We can’t imagine developing without this tool. Otto is the best tool for migrating files from Development to Production or Development to Staging to Production. It uses the data migration tool.
  • LedgerLink. LedgerLink (formerly fmQBO) is the easiest and most powerful method for keeping FileMaker in sync with QuickBooks Online.

The 2018 year was full of JSON and Karbon and JavaScript and FileMaker for us and for the community in general. Here’s a list of what has happened here and in the FileMaker community.

  • Lance, Todd, and Jeremy spoke at FileMaker DevCon 2018. We also were a diamond sponsor of the event.
  • We released Karbon, our ambitious framework for developing custom apps
  • We defined what we consider to be native FileMaker, and caused quite a discussion about it.
  • FileMaker 17 came out, and with it, features that continue to expand the platform’s limitless possibilities
  • The Workplace Innovation Platform was introduced (our favorite video is “Yoga Balls“).
  • We released a lot of blog posts about FileMaker: Like a Boss, JavaScript, and FileMaker 17.
  • Todd and Jeremy toured the west coast speaking about FileMaker Professional Tools.
  • We released new products: GoDraw3, Editor, Kanban, and have refreshed established ones: LedgerLink and GoZync.

Since we’re in the holiday season, check out Advent of Code 2018. This little event is a great way to refresh your FileMaker development experience. Solve puzzles outside of the normal grind.

And one more thing. Please take a moment to read about One Spark Academy and consider helping this organization.

Here’s wishing you and yours a great holiday season and a prosperous new year. We’re excited about 2019: FileMaker DevCon, FileMaker 18, and more blog posts and techniques, and more pushing what is possible.