The team here at Geist Interactive is hard at work, adding new features to LedgerLink. They recently added support for online payment processing using Quickbooks Online’s processing APIs. Barbara Cooney walks us through that feature here.

Key Points

  • LedgerLink never records or stores credit card or bank account information during the authorization process. Sensitive financial information is sent directly to Intuit’s servers. It never makes it to the FileMaker Server, nor is it written to disk anywhere. This relieves you from ever having to be responsible for properly storing credit card or bank account data.
  • Rates for the online processing are very reasonable. Quickbooks Online has that information.
  • Quickbooks Online’s documentation explains how to set up your account to use online payments.
  • In LedgerLink’s setup, the “Allow Payments” box needs to be checked.

You can read more about how to use online payments in LedgerLink and Quickbooks Online here. Download the demo and give it a try.