Last week, the Adatasol FileMaker Podcast, hosted by Dan Weiss of Adatasol interviewed Todd. He spoke about Geist Interactive: our history, where we are, and things we love.

Dan’s podcast focuses on the FileMaker platform: development, trends and history. It completely makes sense that Todd would join them. Dan asked great questions that got to the heart of Todd’s history in FileMaker development and where we are headed. Here are some highlights:

  • Todd realized that ‘scripts had to work’ during his work at New Millennium while working on their accounting software, Genesis. And If they fail, there needs to be a safe and complete rollback.
  • Database transactions came along (mostly) in FileMaker 7. These are essential to our work.
  • FileMaker is at our core, but we love and use JavaScript a lot.
  • Some of our products have come from great minds in the community. We partner with them in promoting and supporting them.
  • SaaS products work for some folks, but most businesses need and want custom software.
  • We want all customers to have their own custom software. We can provide products, videos, blog posts, presentations for the DIY crowd. Or we can build the client’s custom-development services.
  • FMPerception is our Realtime Developer Intelligence tool. It has saved Adatasol innumerable hours since it is something a developer can review stats about a file at any moment. We use it daily.
  • JavaScript is eating the world. It is supported entirely on the FileMaker platform. There isn’t anything we can’t do with FileMaker and JavaScript in the small- to medium businesses. GoDraw3 uses JavaScript.
  • We are excited about FileMaker DevCon 2018. It’s our favorite time of the year, and the conference is extremely inspiring and important. We can’t wait to be there and be part of the the week.

Thanks to Dan and Nick at Adatasol for talking with us. It was fun. Check out Adatasol and the podcast here.