It’s March Madness time, and we’ve got some great topics this month. Dave Graham and Lance Brandenberg will present for us.

Geist Interactive’s Generator

Dave Graham will share the work Geist Interactive has done on Generator: Using FileMaker to Create FileMaker. We’ll explore all the great features of this wonderful and free tool.

Testable FileMaker Solutions by Lance Brandenberg

With the release of FileMaker 16 and native JSON functions, the ability to create a testable solution has been vastly improved. I will walk you through a simple example of what testing is, and how it can improve your solutions. Most developers have had situations where they need to alter some existing logic, and are concerned that they might alter something with unforeseen consequences. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure that your changes didn’t break existing code? Welcome to FileMaker Testing.

Come join us for these great topics. And as always, bring your ideas and thoughts.