We love FileMaker DevCon. We get to hang with our peeps, and talk about our favorite thing, the awesome power of the FileMaker Platform. That’s why we are very excited to announce that Geist Interactive is a Diamond Sponsor of the 2018 FileMaker DevCon in Dallas, Tx  Aug 6 – 9, 2018. Our team will be there in force, delivering presentations, hanging out in our booth, or leveling up our skills. We hope to see you there.

Training and Sessions

This year three of the team members will be presenting in sessions throughout the week. Here is a list of the topics we bring to DevCon. And be sure to check out the full schedule.

Todd Geist

 Modular FileMaker 2.0

Modular FileMaker is a guideline for writing re-usable code that can be shared between developers or different projects. The web-site was launched more than 4 years ago, and has proved to be very popular. There are over 60 modules published on the site to date. Times have changed. JSON and Card Windows add some of the much needed native features we lacked back in 2013. It’s time for an update. We’ll look at the new updated guidelines and examine several sample modules. We’ll also introduce everyone to how they can contribute to this important free community resource.

Microsoft Office Addons Integration

FileMaker Server and Microsoft Office are a powerful combination. Not only does FileMaker Server OAuth support Active Directory, the FileMaker Data API, provides a way to connect custom MS Office Addons directly to FileMaker data. MS Office Addons are built with HTML and JavaScript, and are embedded directly inside the MS Office suite. In this session, we’ll construct and Outlook Addon that works on Mac, Windows, Web, iOS, and Android, and connects to a FileMaker database to allow viewing and editing data related to the currently displayed email.

Lance Brandenberg

Testable FileMaker Custom Apps

With the release of FileMaker 16 and native JSON functions, it’s easier than ever to create testable FileMaker apps. We will walk through a simple example of what testing is, and how it can improve your solutions. Most developers have had situations where they need to alter some existing logic, and are concerned that they might alter something with unforeseen consequences. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure that your changes didn’t break existing code? Welcome to FileMaker Testing.

Jeremy Brown

JavaScript for FileMaker Developers

JavaScript, the easy-to-read and most widely used language is the only programming language that is natively supported in all parts of the FileMaker platform. The language brings more functionality and speed to our custom apps. JavaScript is very much worth learning. In this course, we will learn JavaScript starting with our vast knowledge of FileMaker. We will focus on scope, variables, and functions, connecting those concepts to what we know already. By the end of the morning, you’ll have many small apps and have a better understanding of JavaScript. Jeremy loves this stuff and is excited to share about it.

This session is a half-day training session that is an additional cost.

FileMaker DevCon

Geist Interactive Team at our San Diego Office

Geist Interactive Booth

In the exhibit hall, we will have a large booth where team members will gladly say hi, offer advice, and talk about our services and products. The larger-than-life Dave Ramsey, author of FMPerception and DamageDetectoR will give entertaining and informative impromptu talks about the FileMaker platform and FMPerception.

FileMaker DevCon Out and About

The entire team will be there for the entire week, so find one of us and say hi. We’ll have the “Geist Interactive” swag, so we will be easy to identify. We want to meet everyone and talk FileMaker! Come to our booth or find us around the exhibit hall or in the sessions or by the pool, and we’ll happily chat about the platform we love.