Join us February 12 for another great user group. This month’s topics include the DataTables integration, Women of FileMaker fundraiser, and pickers!


DataTables Integration: The Complete Guide

Not everything is a nail, but those things that are nails deserve a hammer. Jeremy Brown loves working with the FileMaker Web Viewer object and looks for reasonable opportunities to include some kind of integration in projects. He recently dove deep into the DataTables JavaScript library and learned a lot in the process. Jeremy will present this integration and demonstrate how easy it is to apply this library to data in our custom apps, giving the users a clean and fresh view of their data.

Women of FileMaker Fundraiser

Barbara Cooney will speak about the great work the Women of FileMaker organization is doing. Just like last year, they are raising funds to send people to FileMaker DevCon in August. Barbara will share the plans for this and inspire us to help out.

Data Pickers

Presented by Dave Graham. Value lists and pop-up menus offer limited functionality and poor performance when selecting (“picking”) complex objects with lots of records. Learn how to leverage the power of a free picker module—bolt it on to your existing solution to pick contacts (or any type of record). Using card windows, the functionality can be integrated into your solution without having to merge any code, and with minimal scheme references. This solution uses JSON functions and requires FileMaker 16.