We are very happy to announce that Jeremy Brown has joined Geist Interactive  as an Evangelist of the FileMaker platform, our products and services, and other technologies. Jeremy is a certified FileMaker developer ( 12- 16) and brings skills and passion to the team.

Jeremy’s path to us started in the classroom. He taught elementary and middle school for fifteen years in Minnesota and Colorado. In the last six years of his teaching, he stumbled into FileMaker and began to develop a custom app to allow users to be more efficient. At one point, he decided he would rather only work one full time job, so he transitioned into full time development.

He comes to us from Soliant Consulting where he developed custom apps for clients and wrote many blog posts and created many videos. His skills in this area as well as teaching make him a great fit for us as we become a larger resource for folks learning FileMaker and paving the way into what’s new about the platform.

Jeremy is a DevCon speaker, presenting two workshops at DevCon 2017. He’s an MVP on the FileMaker community forums, and he is generally a patient person, willing to help anyone learn and strengthen their skills.

My passion is to help people learn the concepts and techniques of FileMaker correctly the first time, so they become more proficient quicker. I want to be a bridge between those titans of the platform and those just stumbling into it.

He is based in Denver, Colorado where he spends much of his time learning JavaScript, FileMaker and many other technologies. He also plays video games and walks his two very energetic pups.

Keep an eye out for his posts and videos here at www.geistinteractive.com