Come join us for our December meeting! We will be celebrating the holidays with beer, wine, cookies and other festive treats, and of course your favorite FileMaker tips and tricks.


Quick and Easy Dashboards with FileMaker

presented by Gary Hoffman

A dashboard is a good way to give decision makers important trend data so they can avoid surprises and take action early to avoid operational disaster. Rather than making busy managers pore over a lengthy report of tabular data, a dashboard gives a graphical view of timely key performance indicators meaningful to management. Get a whirlwind tour of FileMaker dashboarding techniques plus plenty of examples that you can use.

JSON Custom Function Super Powers

presented by Todd Geist

FileMaker 16 opened up a new world with its new world of possibilities with its native support of JSON. Although JSON in combination with Data API’s gets all the hype, JSON itself can have a huge impact on how we write our regular FileMaker code. We’ll take a look at some Custom Functions we created that build on top of this awesome power to make your FileMaker Scripts and calcs even more powerful. It’s like getting bitten by a radio-active software bug. You’ll never be the same.

Case Study: Partnerships with Industry

presented by Lance Brandenburg and Dave Graham

Lance built a mobile Time Sheet application as part of our ongoing support of Partnerships With Industry.  Dave and Lance will discuss what went into the design and structure of the application and how it fits into the PWI’s larger plan.