This year’s FileMaker DevCon is not to be missed. FileMaker 16 is the biggest most important release since FileMaker 7 more than a decade ago, and DevCon is the place to be to catch up on all the shiny new features.  Geist Interactive will be there with much of our team. We’ll have a booth, and we’ll be quite busy with presentations and product announcements.


Dave Graham will be presenting on Data Modeling That Scales on Wed June 26th at 1:00 PM. Dave will be talking about how to put together your relationship graph, so it remains flexible and scalable as your solutions evolve.

Todd Geist will be leading one of the training day sessions called “Connecting FileMaker to the Web.”  This class will focus on FileMaker 16 new abilities to connect with just about any API, and it’s remarkably tight integration with the modern web platform powered by HTTP, JSON, and JavaScript.


We’ll be demoing several of our very popular developer tools at our booth. FMPerception is the fastest database analysis tool available today. Barcode Creator is the easiest way to add Barcode generation to your FileMaker solutions, and fmQBO gives developers the power to connect their FileMaker solutions to QuickBooks Online.


Karbon is our new free advanced FileMaker business template.  Karbon is the result of more than two decades of building and supporting FileMaker business systems blended with a thoroughly modern approach to modularity, data modeling, integration, and design.  We’ll be releasing it at DevCon. You can come and check it out at the booth, and it also has its own vendor session.  See below for times and dates.

Vendor Sessions

We also have two special Vendor Sessions. Dave Ramsey, the creator of FMPerception, will be leading an in-depth look at all of the ins and outs of FMPerception. That will be Tuesday, 10:30 in Grand Canyon 5.  We’ll also be talking about Karbon at 10:30 AM on Wed also in Grand Canyon 5.

The Big One!

This is a big DevCon, at an impressive hotel. I mean, come on, forget about all the excellent content, the hotel has a Lazy River! Who’d want to miss that!  Hope to see you there.