Geist Interactive is excited to announce that FMPerception is ready for FileMaker 16. It has been almost a year since version 1.0 of FMPerception shipped. We started with a simple formula; build the fastest and most useful database analysis tool, and get new features to our dedicated users as soon as possible. We’ve released 34 updates since then, culminating in FMPerception v16, which provides support for FileMaker 16 the day it is released.

Release, and Release Often

That’s right, 34 releases. And that doesn’t even count the beta releases.  That’s an average of three per month. Granted some of those were bug fixes, but there were many new features such as Top Call Stats Analysis, Call Chain Visualization, the Report Card, and the Calculation List, just to name a few.  Many of those features, like Top Call Stats Analysis, were suggested or dreamed up by our dedicated fans around the world.

FMPerception has only one purpose, and that is to get our users current information about their FileMaker Custom Apps as soon as possible.  We don’t want you to wait!  Which is why we have support for FileMaker 16 ready to go, the day it ships.  FMPerception is ready for you, as soon as you’re ready for FileMaker 16.

As always, this upgrade is FREE to all FMPerception users who have purchased or renewed a license in the last year.  That’s how it works, you get free upgrades for a year from your date of purchase. You can keep the upgrades coming for 50% of the original cost for each year after that.

FMPerception 16! What happened to 2 through 15?

We decided it would be easier if we named versions going forward based on the highest FileMaker version they support.  For example, FMPerception will support versions 12 through 16.  When FileMaker 17 ships in a year, FMPerception will jump to v17, and support FileMaker versions 12-17.

What’s new in FMPerception 16?

All of the new features in FileMaker 16 that impact the DDR are supported.  You can see all the new behaviors in script steps, like New Window, GTRR, Go To Layout, and Insert From URL.  You can easily see on the Report Card what accounts have access to the REST Data API. All the new JSON Functions are there.  The list goes on and on. If you want to dive into all the details, check out the version history.

FMPerception 16

Plugin Script Steps in FMPerception

But I did want to call out support for the new Plugin Script Steps, because it is super geeky. 🙂

Plugin Script Steps

Plugin developers can now add script steps to FileMaker, sort of like how they have always been able to add functions to the calculation dialog. FMPerception supports this new feature in a number of ways.  Steps added by a plugin are visible in FMPerception, and if the plugin vendor has registered their code with the new plugin registry, it will even show you who made the plugin.  Even better, this information will display for plugin script steps even when the plugin was missing when the DDR was exported.

The Future!

There are probably a dozen major feature ideas we have for FMPerception 16 and beyond. There is sooooh much more we can do. It is a very deep pool we are wading into.  Lots of sunken treasure. We will continue to push out new features as soon as they are ready. If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see in FMPerception, please email  Thank you for your continued support.